red_t.gif (852 octets) World (-180;+180)
red_t.gif (852 octets) North America
red_t.gif (852 octets)
South America
red_t.gif (852 octets) Africa
red_t.gif (852 octets) Europe
red_t.gif (852 octets) Eurasia
red_t.gif (852 octets) Australasia

red_t.gif (852 octets) Legend

red_t.gif (852 octets) LGM vegetation

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Present potential Vegetation Map of the World

Preliminary version, only for review!

Nicolas Ray1 and Jonathan M. Adams2

1Genetic and Biometry Lab, Anthropology and Ecology Department, Genetics and Biometry Lab., University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.

2Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut 06459, USA.


Note: tic marks are 5 decimal degrees apart. Geographic projection.

Global Present Potential vegetation map (-180;+180 decimal degrees extent)

red_top.gif (844 octets)


North and central America

red_top.gif (844 octets)

South America

red_top.gif (844 octets)


red_top.gif (844 octets)


red_top.gif (844 octets)


red_top.gif (844 octets)


red_top.gif (844 octets)

Last update: August 28, 2002

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